November 28, 2013

A Few Tour Highlights…Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Golan Heights, Sea of Galilee, Ein Gedi & Dead Sea

Though we experienced so much more, here are a few of the high points from our travels. 



Tel Aviv and Jaffa


Golan Heights

Sea of Galilee

In Sea of Galilee area we toured an organic Olive grower and Olive Oil producer.  The have developed a method of using the after process pulp to produce fine soap and hand cream products.  This pulp is thrown out by every other producer, so this is a perfect solution to massive wastes and the products are luxurious! 

Scouting around ruins in the area made us hungry for a seaside lunch! 

Off to the Dead Sea area down the west bank...
Endless greenhouse in Palestine. 

Floating in the Dead Sea is more like 'bobbing'.  It's fully saturated at 30% salt content. 

 Ein Gedi is a natural oasis on the shore of the Dead Sea that has been a life saving haven stop on dessert journeys for millennia.  The kibbutz Ein Gedi is a botanical garden that displays over 1,000 plants from five continents, all situated throughout the living community.  Impressive! 

Ein Gedi used to have a hydroponic installation and boasts being the forerunners of aeroponics.